The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul!

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and that if you look deep within you can see the persons sincerity and truth!  What you’re seeing is their inner-child within; as this is where ones inner-child resides and comes from a place of love.  This is the space where your true identity dwells and allows others to see your light shining dim or bright.

Have you heard the age old sayings … her eyes were beaming with joy, or his eyes said it all?!  Your eyes allow everyone to see your inner-child within that knows your truth of Being!  That is why if someone suspects another of being dishonest or fibbing, they will ask them to “look them in the eyes and say” whatever it is that they are questioning as the persons truth or not.

My Mother told me “when you were born I looked into your eyes and saw the deepest blues of the ocean” and said “Stacey, I sure don’t know what to expect for us in life” as she was barely 18 years old herself in 1967; and with that she said my eyes began twinkling and so the nickname stuck … “Twinkle Eyes!”  Ever since then every card, letter, and present is always addressed to “Twinkle Eyes!”  I get into trouble a lot with my eyes as they speak volumes for me even if I’d prefer to remain indifferent or detached from a situation or circumstances.

When was the last time you really looked someone in the eyes?  When was the last time you compassionately looked into your eyes?  One of the workshops and exercises I frequently give is to do mirror-work which is to look deeply into your eyes through a mirror and repeating in the first, second, and third persons … I Love You stating your name!  For example: “I Love You Stacey!”  “Stacey is so Loved!”  “You are so Loved Stacey!”  This is huge in healing your inner-child within as more often than not, we were’nt told this often enough as a child when we were spoken to and it was usually by an adult leaning over us telling us what we were not doing right and blah, blah, blah; and for some even shaking a finger at them in their face.  The more you perform this exercise the brighter your light will shine as you are lovingly healing your inner-child within!

This is also a really good exercise to do with your partner as you are gazing into one another’s eyes for an extended period of time.  It’s amazing how beneficial and healing it is in repairing a disconnected relationship by reconnecting with the other person by just looking deeply into their eyes!  You’ll surprisingly find that spark begin to recharge and regenerate the stagnate energy that’s been between you for however long it’s been.

An awesome way to do your affirmations is by stating them while looking deeply into your eyes in the mirror when you are getting ready for work and/or each time you pass by a mirror be sure to acknowledge your magnificent beautiful self!  You will notice your self-eteem will rise and you will have greater confidence in yourself and your abilities when interacting with others too!

The next time you engage with another person be sure to look into their eyes during the conversation as that is where you will see their light shining dim or bright.  Whenever possible always make a person feel better upon leaving your presence.  Empower them with words of wisdom, tell them you love them and/or give them a hug; and watch their light shine so bright they light up the room as they leave!


Have a beautiful day!


Dr. Stacey A. Maxwell-Krockenberger aka Twinkle Eyes
Author, Speaker, Premier Life & Business Coach


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  1. says

    I have done the mirror work, by myself and with others, it’s a very powerful tool. Now I love to look into my eyes and tell me I love me. I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to be able to do this!

    Thank you, Dr.Maxwell, for all your important teachings.

  2. says

    AMAZING reminders and suggestions!

    The mirror work has proven to work with me and the people that I encourage to practice. Eye contact is so very important in business, personal and self relationships. It is the only way to know the truth about yourself and others. If you can not say something looking at yourself in the mirror than you don’t believe it or it isn’t truth.

    Business interactions are much more believable with eye contact!!! Personal relationships live or die by eye contact. Without it, there is disconnect, disapproval, and dishonesty. When speaking with someone face to face if one is avoiding eye contact there is much more they are withholding.

    Always amazing insight Dr. Maxwell!

    Thank you!!

  3. Marcella Schnell says

    This exercise, for its simplicity can really be challenging and difficult. Yet, it’s significance on every level of life are AMAZING and LIFE-CHANGEING beyond words. The eyes ARE the windows to the Soul which create vulnerabilities from having an open heart that if you allow, will lead you to the BEST relationships and life’s experiences imaginable! I’ve realized up until now, I’ve given this more to others, strangers, colleagues, friends, etc., then I did for myself.

    Truly awe inspiring wisdom Dr. Maxwell. With immense heartfelt gratitude, I CELEBRATE YOU!!!