Dr. Stacey A. Maxwell-Krockenberger

Stacey Maxwell 2014Dr. Stacey A. Maxwell-Krockenberger is a doctor of alternative medicine; Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Reiki Energy Work and specializes in the human potential and personal development genre.  Dr. Maxwell shares the indisputable knowledge and fundamentals of reaching ones fullest potential both personally and professionally from a metaphysical viewpoint emphasizing the energetic Universal laws and ones innate essence of Being, their spirituality.

She is a licensed (Louise L. Hay and Hay House Publishing Company) Heal Your Life® Professional Life and Business Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Speaker.  She further continued her Professional Life and Business Coaching education and is certified as a Success Principles® Workshop Facilitator, Speaker and Success Coach with Jack Canfield author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, “The Success Principles®” and continually studies with many others to continue her own personal growth development as well as to be able to offer even more to her clients, patients and customers.

Dr. Maxwell is an acknowledged mentor and cutting-edge leader in the personal development genre and utilizes her immense education, experience, training and knowledge as the fundamental teachings in the mind-body-spirit connection as a whole.  She educates, empowers and enlightens others to live life to the fullest expressions of who they were created to be.

She is an amazing Doctor of Chiropractic and Acupuncture.  She is an ordained Minister, has a bachelor’s of science in human biology and psychology, she has extensive specialized study and work in theology, philosophy, energy, physics, quantum physics and metaphysics to name just a few of her vast academic achievements.  She is a licensed Massage Therapist specializing in energy work and is a Reiki Master.  She is an accomplished doctor, author, speaker, humanitarian and successful business owner of Peace Love Wings®.

Dr. Maxwell is recognized as a Premier Life Coach and Mentor in her industry!  She is an expert in her field teaching the essentials of ones personal and professional development from the perspective of becoming the fullest expression of who you were created to be!  She is a transformational speaker who motivates and teaches the successful techniques to healing from within, increasing your self-esteem, learning how to “Be Good to Yourself,” balancing your emotions, mind, body and spirit connection, understanding neurology with respects to energy and the subconscious mind, manifesting and the law of attraction along with the other essential fundamental truths to further assist children, teenagers, adults, organizations and businesses on “how” to incorporate them successfully into your life; to begin achieving your personal and professional goals, finding your purpose and ultimately “Living the Life of Your Dreams to the fullest and with Passion!”  

Dr. Maxwell is the author of Manifesting Mastery: The 7 Principles to Living the Life of Your Dreams which can be purchased and immediately downloaded.  This amazing book offers the steps to personal development and the proven fundamentals of achieving true leadership qualities whether personally or professionally.

She currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri and Nashville, Tennessee.  Her interests include spiritual books, meditating, writing, drawing, music, dancing, riding her motorcycle, gardening, decorating, she’s a metaphysical jewelry artisan, enjoys traveling, fishing, camping, anything water related (bubble baths, oceans, rivers, lakes, swimming pools) and connecting with Mother Earth and Nature outdoors!  She married her soulmate Charles in 1998 and they have a beautiful daughter, Priscilla Grace.  She shares the same St. Valentine’s Day birthday with Tinkerbell, a small white Chihuahua which completes their family.

Her passion is her family and fulfilling her souls mission which is to teach, guide, and to be a light for others to actualize their life’s purpose and truly “Live the Life of their Dreams with Passion”  by helping people reconnect with their spirituality which is their core essence of Being; and ultimately creating a world that is a kinder, gentler place for all!

She is a visionary and believes there will be Heaven on Earth by engaging people to live an authentic life of service, quality, integrity, peace, love, compassion, creativity, prosperity, health, beauty and truth from within!

Her website is www.PeaceLoveWings.com  and she offers Alternative Medicine Therapy, online personal development programs, speaking at public and private events, one-on-one personal growth and development workshops and retreats are offered throughout the year, published articles, and other products and services related to reconnecting to your spirit-self which is your core essence of Being and becoming the fullest expression of who you where created to be!


“Transformational Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator”
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Dr. Stacey Maxwell 2014 “Leadership is when YOU have the integrity coming from the mindset to be of service and add value to other people’s lives through personal development, empowering them to the highest levels of who they are by implementing their own innate unique gifts and talents and making them a part of something so much bigger than themselves; and guiding them into becoming the fullest expression of who they were created to be!  

This is when you achieve true SUCCESS!”

~ Dr. Stacey A. Maxwell-Krockenberger


Thank you and Welcome to Peace Love Wings®


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