Be Good to Yourself and Release All That No Longer Serves You!


Increase Your Vibrational Energy and Live the Life of Your Dreams with Passion!

It’s amazing how much baggage we carry around within and surrounding us as we move through our journey in life.  Since we are approaching springtime, this is a great time to release all that no longer serves you and too begin planting the seeds of whatever it is that YOU desire to achieve, experience and sow this year.

Everything you see and everything that you do not see is made up purely of two things; energy and matter.  The tangibles which appear solid in form are you and me, your vehicle, your furniture, nature and everything else visible in the world.  The intangibles are your thoughts, energy, air, desire, faith and everything else we cannot physically see with our natural vision.  The intangible elements are much more powerful than the tangible elements as the tangible elements are the effects and the intangible elements are the cause; which is where it initially originated! 

Begin the practice of focusing on what you want versus what you do not want through using your innate power by directing your thoughts and desires energetically (which is the intangible or the cause) to create something in your tangible physical world (which is the effects) and ultimately becomes your life’s experiences.  Performing this conscious exercise several times daily will help you create more experiences of what you desire then what you fear.

Clearing your physical, emotional and mental energy can be done with a salt bath, swimming in the ocean, drinking water, walking barefoot in the grass, hugging a tree, exercise, yoga, energy work, meditation, receiving a massage or acupuncture. 

The most freeing and easiest way to increase your energetic vibration is by implementing the practice of releasing all thoughts and behaviors related to guilt, shame, anger, fear, resentment, procrastination and judgements of others; and most importantly towards yourself.  This is where mirror-work and positive affirmations can immensely influence releasing the old and begin to create the new changes you are seeking. 

Remember, like energy attracts like energy so whatever it is that you want to receive you must first be. For example, if you want to receive love, you must first give love; it happens no other way.

De-cluttering, cleaning and clearing your environmental space can be done by smudging with sage, organizing your closets, drawers and each room by selling, donating or giving away the items you no longer want, need or use.  Steam cleaning your carpets, putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls and implementing feng shui principles will also increase the energy in your environment! 

Bring in live plants to clear and oxygenate your space as well as add to the esthetics of your environment.  Don’t forget to include your garage, outside storage, your place of work and your vehicles too.

Another great technique for releasing all that no longer serves you is by putting your rocks, crystals and stones whether loose or jeweled under the full moonlight for 5-6 hours to clear away, cleanse and recharge them from the energy they may have absorbed.  This is also a perfect time to journal and write out any fears, angers, resentment, guilt, shame or judgments including; offering forgiveness to yourself and others.  When ready, place it in a protective fireproof container outside under the full moonlight and burn it with the intentions of releasing them to your Higher-Self and the Angels, to lovingly take to God/Goddess for complete healing and transmutation; and for the highest-good of all involved.  The energy of the full moon will directly support and aid in the healing process for you.  


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Stacey Maxwell Dr. Stacey A. Maxwell-Krockenberger is a transformational speaker and teacher specializing in the human potential, personal and professional development genre. 

She is a licensed (Louise L. Hay, Hay House Publishing Company) Heal Your Life® Professional Life and Business Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Speaker.

Dr. Maxwell shares the indisputable knowledge and fundamentals of reaching ones fullest potential both personally and professionally from a metaphysical viewpoint emphasizing the energetic Universal laws and ones innate essence of Being, their spirituality.  

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  1. Gail Thomas says

    Thank you for the full moon reminder! I need to energize my crystals and release some things that no longer serve me. I write a gratitude list every night but I think a letter to my higher self would be a great idea. Thank you!

  2. Margaret Makewell says

    Dr. Maxwell,

    This makes a lot more sense than to just “declutter,” thank you! The encouragement is much appreciated!!!


  3. says

    Dr. Maxwell,

    I’m learning that gratitude is one of the quickest ways to raise your vibrational energy. I love to go for walks in the forest and to just be thankful for all the beauty around me. I also love to touch the trees and feel their great energy.

    Great article!

  4. says

    Dr. Maxwell,

    This message to purge and release keeps coming to me … I guess its time to do some MAJOR mental, spiritual, and physical clearing and cleaning!

    Thank you for sharing the article ~ good stuff!! ;-)

  5. Marcella Schnell says

    I LOVE this!!! Thank you so much Dr. Maxwell, for explaining this so simplistically!

    This winter I am incorporating one room and/or space each week until it’s done!!! And so it is!!!

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